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The Ministry of Prayer

The Ministry of Prayer is cared for by the Minister and Practitioner team. Concerns for self or others submitted on prayer request cards are taken into prayer during the following week. All requests are completely confidential. Also, those whose names are placed on the Sunday Service Prayer List are held in the Light by the congregation during each Sunday Service.


During challenging times, the spiritual wisdom, objective insight, and prayerful guidance of a Practitioner can be of utmost value. A trained Practitioner sees each person as Divine Beings, and works to awaken his or her to the greater Truth.

You will find that a Practitioner is a friend, a person of high spiritual integrity and trained in the Principles of Mind and the Laws of Life. Your Practitioner is dedicated to helping others live more fully and respects your confidence through a high code of ethics. The climate of your relationship with a Practitioner is loving, sharing and professional. Not only does your Practitioner provide you with initial help, but he or she also works with you in a preventative way to eliminate recurrences of negative situations.

Ernest Holmes writes that a Practitioner “endeavors to greet the divinity in every one she meets. The professional mental and spiritual Practitioner is one who has dedicated her life —her time, her energies, her intelligence — to helping others, through mental and spiritual means and methods.”

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