What is Spiritual Support?


When you have a challenge or are going through some emotional trauma or loss, who do you go to for help?

Your sister or mother might give you a shoulder to cry on. Your friend will commiserate with you. But who will see through the appearance of limitation to the potential inherent in you and in the moment?

That is the role of the Licensed Practitioners of New Thought. Our minister is also a practitioner and is available for private counseling.

Practitioners are trained in the art and science of using the mind in the most powerful and healing manner. With a minimum of four years of Science of Mind Classes and thorough exams, these people assist individuals in shifting from fear to cheerful expectation; from disease to regained health; from lack to prosperity; from anger to serenity.

In this age of understanding the simple truth that “what we think about tends to come about” practitioners offer a real service in helping us raise our level of thought.

There is a small fee for these professional services, although no one is ever turned away due to financial constraints.