Sample Spiritual Mind Treatment


Treatment for increased awareness of perfect health

Sun-SquareThis universe and everything in it is the visible evidence of an incredible Intelligence operating through a field of Love, making everything out of itself by becoming the thing it makes. This is the activity of God becoming personal. It is raw vitality, perfect power, the only force capable of creating universes. This is the Source of Vitality within all sentient life. It knows how to be a radiant, healthy, perfectly functioning me!

My health is the visible evidence of Gods presence right where I am. My health is a given. I proclaim it to be so, the pattern of wholeness that is my spiritual DNA is revealed right now as complete physical health. There is no disease in God and there can be no dis-ease in me. I am at peace and fully well right now. I love my life. I am grateful for every moment of radiant health.

And so it is